HARI BAIK: Bali, Cycles of Time – Structure of the book


Structure of the book


  1. Introduction by Jan Tyniec
  2. Forward by Robert C. Morgan
  3. Photographs by Jan Tyniec:
    72 black and white images of Balinese rice fields, people and offerings.

    The selection of images will emphasize the interdependency of time and ritual in Bali through subject, composition and context.

    The photographs will be interwoven with notes from Tyniec’s 2002-2013 Balinese dairies. The subjects of writings vary from descriptions of land, local customs and ceremonies to personal thoughts on space, time and the purpose for making art.

    The intention to include writings is to compliment the photographs, to formulate questions relating to them and to create dialog between the text and the silence of images. The notes are not describing the photographs. They are written thoughts not unlike the visual “thoughts” of the photographs.

  4. Epilogue by Jan Tyniec.
  5. Acknowledgments.
  6. About the authors.